Work Outs


What is it?

Goal: To encourage and give opportunities for students to actively follow Jesus in their daily lives.

What’s the win: Students that attend build visible and lasting spiritual disciplines such as daily devotionals, testimony sharing, evangelism, and praying together.

Philippians 2:12-13 Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.


Wednesday workouts will be on every Wednesday.

The last Wednesday of every month which will be staff training and so the work out will be student led.

We will be meeting in C302

Schedule for each night

7:00-7:30 dinner

will be served in the cafeteria.

7:30-8:00 prayer time.

We have different formats for these prayer times but they will be focused on actively praying and helping students to develop prayer tools in their own lives

8:00-8:30 testimonies

This will be an open time for students and staff to be able to share HOW they have seen God moving in their lives. This can include

o   Reflections from Sunday’s message or their devotions.

o   Praise or prayer reports in their lives

o   Things that have happened to others they know

o   Things that have happened in the world

o   Ways they think the Holy Spirit has been speaking to them

The goal of this time is to build up the habit of our students to openly express their faith.

8:30-9:30pm small groups

These small discussion times will be focused on active participation and accountability.

 Each small group session will be encouraged to consist of the following: Past, Present, Future

o   PAST – “Tell me a story”

Each student will be given an opportunity to share about something from their past. A general question will be given from the sermon on Sunday. For example “share about the worse grudge that you ever held” or “tell us about how your parents came to live where you are”

Leaders and other small group members are encouraged to ask questions in order to find out:

1.      Specifics about the story their telling.

2.      How the events they share made them feel.

3.      How the events they share have shaped them today.

o   PRESENT – “What’s really happening with you?”

This can be the traditional “highs and lows” that we often share during small groups. Or “what can’t you let go of this week”?

Leaders and other small group members are encouraged to help students to be real by:

1.      Asking follow-up questions to them sharing about what they shared.

2.      Asking questions about important relationships in their lives.

3.      Asking about things that students shared about in previous weeks.

o   FUTURE – “How is God calling you to follow Him?”

This section will transition from the previous one each week with the leader seeing how the action point from last week went.

1.      Did they do it?

2.      If they didn’t then why?

3.      What happened?

4.      How do they feel like God is moving in it?

The turn will then be for what they feel God is calling them for this week. Some things for leaders to keep in mind

1.      Be specific. Something that is actionable and that be checked on the next week.

2.      Be grace-full. Ask WHY they feel called to do this and make sure that it is flowing out of Grace and not works.

3.      Be encouraging. Sow vision on how this act might bring about great things in their life and in the world.

CLOSE in prayer.

Message from Pastor Jason

Often times I see people who proclaim themselves to be Christians talk about how their lives are spiritually dry.  One of the big reasons for this I believe is because we live a church culture that offers a lot of knowledge about God but that often does not encourage active obedience in following Jesus.  We mistakenly believe that we will mature FIRST and then we'll obey SECOND.  We fail to realize that obedience in faith is HOW God matures us. My vision is that our Wednesday meeting will provide a compliment to our Sunday worships.  While Sunday is a very passive and receiving experience with singing praise that is led by others and hearing a message preached from a pastor, Wednesday is an opportunity to be active by having extended prayer, openly sharing, and encouraging each other to OBEY the calling of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives.  This may be a different kind of small group than the ones that you're used because the leaders and other members will really dig at your life and encourage you an active faith. 

My hope is that for those who come, you'll be able to look back after a year or more and see real growth and transformation in your life.   You'll be more comfortable praying for extended periods of time and really conversing with God.  You'll be more bold and courageous in sharing about your faith with other believers and with non-believers.  And you'll see tangible ways that God has really been involved in your life.