The following are tools designed for our leaders and students to help them minister effectively.

The Secret to Life (Gospel Transformation)

The core idea behind how our ministry talks about the Gospel

Family Relationships

God is a relational God, and since we are a reflection of Him, human beings are also relational.  To give and receive in relationships is a part of our intended creation.  While sin degrades all that God originally intended (including relationships), the power of the Gospel is the gift of ultimate fulfillment in Jesus and the restoration from sin (also including relationships). 

 One of the ways that God chooses to reveal His relational-ness is through the picture of the family.  We know this because of the inclusion of family references even before the fall.

                Genesis 2:24-25 Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.

 While all good things are given in Christ and all members of the family can provide reflections of all good things, each specific family relationship carries with it certain emphasis and specializations.  All members of our family should be nurturing and supportive, but some may tend to be more so.  The following are generalizations which are meant to be used to examine our family relationships and to seek restoration, not to blame our family members or excuse the behavior of others. 

The following tool is helpful when you are having conversations about family. You can look up the relationship you are talking about and then read over some of the descriptions of things that are meant to be conveyed in that relationship.


How to choose which college to go to

(and other major life decisions)

Why are making major decisions in life so hard? Families may squabble about where to eat dinner or what furniture to buy, but the major decisions of life can cause seismic rifts between loved ones.  For high school students and their parents the biggest of those decisions is where to go to college.  This seminar is designed to help you facilitate that discussion and to help decide together as a family with God’s help and to support one another in that decision.


Tools of Reconciliation

How do we reconcile with others and help other people reconcile with each other.


Quiz and training: Am I Ready to Date?

Helpful tool to see if I am ready to date (it’s not just about age) and how God is growing me in maturity.