Sunday Deep

Sunday Deep is a new program that we are piloting.  The goal is to provide deeper understanding of following Jesus in conjunction with our adult ministry classes.  

Our pilot program will correspond with our Korean Adult ministry's Heidelberg Catechism class and will be looking at our foundation beliefs as Christians (in fancy terms: Systematic Theology).

Our classes will be from 2pm-4pm on Sundays in the Christ First office, D413.

The schedule of fall classes are:

1.   9/17 - “What is the Bible and why do we believe it?”
2.   9/24 “Who is God?”
3.   10/1 “Who are we as mankind?”
4.   10/8 “Who is Jesus?”
5.   10/15 “What did Jesus do?”
6.   10/22 “Who is the Holy Spirit?”
7.   11/5 “What do we do now?”
8.   11/12 “What is the church?”
9.   12/3 What about Heaven?”


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Classes are open to 6th grade and up, although content skews for older students
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