Why is it so often that Pastor's kids (PKs) end up falling away from God?

Yes tremendously.  I think the overall problem is not only with PKs.  God cursed Adam with work that was toil.  Since then, all men (and women) have had to live 24 hours lives with 100 hours of things to do and without the security of a true relationship with God to handle it.  And for many people, their children don’t get enough of that pie.  For most parents, it’s not that they do it on purpose, but that it just happens.  This week is busy so I’ll play with my daughter next week.  Then next week.  Before you know it, they’re 26. 

What makes it worse for pastors is that the hypocrisy is all the more clear.  Like a doctor who doesn’t take his own medicine.  Pastors are supposed to be examples of God’s familial covenant love and so when they fail to show or guide their own children in that love, the disparity stands out more. 

Right now it’s why I make designated times to spend with my family when the phone is off and the work is away (which Disneyland has helped with tremendously).  My uncle told me that his family makes a point to have one date with every other member of the family once a month.  He has two daughter so it works out to one date a week (including his wife).  But think about.  That means for sure that they’ll have time to talk once a month.  But as many of you know, a lot can happen in a month. For many families, once a month seems like an impossible task. 

But it’s not impossible.  It’s hard for sure.  But it’s not impossible.  So I will do the best that I can to make sure that I am there for my daughters (and sons later if God wills) on a regular basis scheduled and spontaneous.  And I fully expect that means that I won’t get to do a lot of the other things that I want to do.  But that’s what sacrifice is. 

And I hope that the church more often keep me accountable and encouraged in this, than be a force that pulls me away from it.  

Jason ChaoComment