Why don’t we observe Ash Wednesday?

Ash Wednesday is ritual by which Catholics start the 40 days of lent.  In this time, they remember Jesus fasting in the desert.  Ash Wednesday is therefore the day that begins a season of repentance and giving up of something(s) in which to devote time to God.  The reason why we do not celebrate this is because we believe that repentance and the turning to God is not something which should be done only 40 days a year.  If there is something in your life that has been keeping you from God, it should not be fasted from for only a brief period, it is something that should be dealt with in a permanent way.  Similarly, repentance is meant to be a daily and continual process.  Therefore while having a certain day and season can be useful in remembering the tenants of faith, they can easily become excuses to ignore spiritual disciplines in all the other days of the year.

Jason ChaoComment