What’s biggest issues w high schoolers?

Well the biggest and probably root of all issues is not knowing and following Jesus but that’s everyone.  I think for our current generation there are a lot of problems (as every generation has).  But perhaps the one I am most concerned with is the lack of time or ability to be introspective.  I have been finding more and more that fewer and fewer people know how to really think through themselves and the world around us.  We are so able to obtain and regurgitate information.  We are so saturated with work and home work.  We are so inundated with distractions and entertainment.  I see many young and older people who are unable or unwilling to take time to really digest or process any of these things. 

But the danger isn’t just in academics or art.  I think it’s of huge danger in life.  We don’t know how to process our own emotions or ideas.  We don’t know how to deal with frustrations, annoyances, grudges, disappointments, or life’s pains.  We just pop a pill or plug in or power on something and try to forget about it or ignore it.  In a line from a great TED talk that I can’t remember the speaker for “if we don’t learn how to be alone we are doomed to live a life that is always lonely.” 

I remember one guy’s retreat where I asked everyone to simply sit still for 5 minutes and every time someone moved unnecessarily or made a noise (like laugh or try to make a joke) I’d add a minute.  I think we ended up going for 20 minutes and even then I had to let a lot of things go.  We can’t go 5 minutes in our minds.

I find this in my own life.  I’m constantly listening to podcasts, doing work, playing with my family, or even eating.  That there’s some days when I can get through the whole day without a moment of really quiet reflection.  I think that’s why daily devotional or quiet times are so important.  They’re not just a way for us to show our faith in God. He doesn’t ask us to do it because HE needs it.  He asks us because WE need it.  We need those times to settle down and think things through with God and with ourselves. 

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