My friend is bisexual and asks me for dating advice. What should I tell her?

Well of course if she asks you have to be honest that that particular sexual action doesn’t fall into what you believe is God’s plan for humanity and that you would classify it as sinful. 

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still give good relationship advice.  There are so many things about God’s blessing of relationships that has nothing to do with sexual preference.  For example, being honest and clear.  Being forgiving and gracious.  Trusting and encouraging. 

Because in those ways you can talk about Jesus in so many more angles then homosexuality (or bi-sexuality in this case).  How can we be honest and clear?  When we are secure in the salvation of Christ.  How can we be really forgiving and gracious?  By being amazed by Jesus’ grace and God’s forgiveness to us.  How can we trust and be encouraging?  When we are being transformed in character by the Holy Spirit. 

In the same way, a politician doesn’t have to be a Christian in order to receive good Christian advice on ruling wisely.  Or a psychologist doesn’t have to be a Christian to benefit from Christian methods and models of counseling.  Will they be able to fully grasp it?  No.  But they will be able to see the reflections of it. 

Remember that faith in Christ isn’t simply a commitment to follow a set of rules.  It to be overwhelmed by Grace and to enter into a relationship with a living God.  

Jason ChaoComment