My best friend just started going to church without his parents and enjoys it. How can I help him?

It is difficult to adjust to a new place, especially a new church.  However for some people the new-ness is what makes it so attractive. Because it’s new and different, you don’t yet see the flaws that are inevitably in every church.  I think the best way to help him is to keep him accountable.  Make sure that he’s going faithfully and with the right heart to bless and be blessed.  Make sure that you’re there for him when he does discover some of the problems of that church and encourage him to keep being a part of their community. Also just ask him how God is blessing and teaching him through that ministry.  If he knows that you care and that you want to know, he’ll be more inclined to really learn and grow and then you too may learn and grow with him.  Also be sure to do the opposite.  Be accountable to him and share with him about what God is doing in your life and our church.

Jason ChaoComment