Is it wrong to get double eye lid surgery?

Like many things, there’s nothing inherently wrong about it.  I’d say it’s similar to putting on make-up or spending a lot of time on clothes or physical fitness. It really depends on why.  If you (or your mom) are thinking about getting it because you don’t think you’re beautiful and that being beautiful in the eyes of the world is the most important thing, then I think that even if you get it, it won’t help you really.  The real beauty of God is the beauty of character, not of appearance.

But if you feel secure in Christ.  If your Christian friends and mentors can attest that you aren’t doing it out of vanity or empty ambition. If your mom is giving it to you out of a real wish to give you something good to enjoy.  Then I think you could get it and enjoy it (although you will have to explain it to some other people). 

So I would say you need to have a conversation with God about why you want it and a conversation with your mom about why she wants it. J Then make a decision that you can feel conscience-free about before God.  

Jason ChaoComment