I see on your social media that you often go to Disneyland. How often do you go?

Since last August, we’ve been trying to go once a week on Monday which is my day off (since I work on Sundays and often Saturdays).  It’s been one of the most blessed times of my life.  We did it thinking that we would go once a month, but once a week has been amazing.  It’s been great because it’s been time that is set aside to spend with my wife and daughters.  When I’m at Disneyland, I barely hear my phone or look at it (except to take videos and pictures) and a lot of the things that are stressing my mind fade away.  I can focus on my family and really enjoy our time together.  Also I’m very glad to be able to share so many of the pictures and videos with friends and family so that we can see Eva and Abby grow up together.

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