So we should hate the sin and love the sinner, does that mean that gay marriage should be legal?

This is a complex debate which has earnest and Bible adhering Christians on both sides.

Here’s how I see it.  Just because I think something is sinful doesn’t mean that it has to be illegal.  Think of the 10 commandments.  How many of them are laws that we have?  Murder, steal, perjury, and MAYBE Sabbath if you think of labor laws.  I don’t see anyone clamoring in Washington to make coveting, sweating falsely, or making idols illegal. 

Yet, we live in a democracy where to some extent we are given the right to vote and choose how we want the laws of the land to be.  And so if given a choice to vote on a social issue ought we not to vote with our own individual sense of morality? 

At the same time we have the idea of basic human rights.  Now the Bible says that we deserve nothing, but that God does still hold us up as unique as a reflection of His glory and that He deems every human life valuable.  Therefore ok, human rights are areas where majority rule is not a good excuse.  Is the covenant of marriage to whomever you choose a human right?  I’m sure there are people on both sides of that issue.

Add to this whether our state definition of marriage is even currently in line with the Bible.  A lot of people say “the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman”.  Yes but the Bible also says that God hates divorce and that marriage should be a reflection of Christ and the Church.  We don’t stop people from getting married if they aren’t Christians and we don’t have any restrictions on divorce.

Also think about how hypocritical it is that we blast middle eastern countries for making purely religious based laws.  Do we want our country to be like that?  Yet at the same time we criticize our politicians when they have moral failures, belying the fact that as people we do want out leaders and our governments to have a sense of morality.

A big part of this is also understanding that we will NEVER create a perfect society.  Only when Jesus returns will we have perfect governance.  So we must struggle as sinful people in a sinful world building sinful governments and laws and yet trying to know, love, and glorify a perfect and holy God.

In the end, I think the ultimate question is whether or not we are understanding and being motivated by the Gospel.  How the Gospel influences our political views is something that we SHOULD be wrestling with, but doing it in a way that reflects God’s love and complexity.  

Jason ChaoComment