I’m a girl. And I’m fat. And it sucks. So how can I feel like I’m worth something?

I think it comes from a real understanding of what worth is.  What are we worth?  Well what is anything worth?  The barter system and now currency helps us to understand this.  Worth is very simple.  Something is worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. 

For example I can put an iphone on ebay for $10,000.  It doesn’t mean it’s worth $10,000.  Why? Cause nobody in their right mind would pay that much for an iphone they can get for $800 anywhere else. But imagine if that iphone was signed by Steve Jobs. And somebody actually paid 10Gs for it. Then yes, that’s what it’s worth.

Which is why I think that physical and sexual attractiveness have always been so bound in our sense of self-worth.  After all if we’re pretty then maybe a guy/girl will be more likely to give us their time, their affection, their money, their commitment, or even their lives.  If we can get people to look at us then we must be worth something right?  It’s as close to tangible as we can get in this day and age when we can’t legally buy people (totally not advocating slavery).

But it’s a fairly crappy place to find worth because it doesn’t last and is so passing.  But there is someone else who is willing to pay for us: Jesus.  Jesus was willing to buy us (1 Corinthians 6:20, 7:23).  He paid a price for us.  And what was that?  He paid his own life.  The blood of an infinite, eternal, all powerful, most beautiful, supreme God.  And in doing so not only did Jesus save us but He gave us a stamp of worth that is so much greater.

Now it’s not saying that we don’t care about what we look like.  We should think about it on a health level and on a representing Christ level.  But what we look like is a paltry measure of worth compared to the Gospel.  And I understand that’s a message that many of us (if not all of us) need to be reminded of frequently. 

Then you know what the crazy thing is?  The Gospel promises a beauty that is greater than mere momentary looks.  One of the amazing things in God’s creation of us is that our reflection of HIS beauty is not simply in how we look.  Beauty is kindness and love.  Beauty is honor and generosity.  Beauty is justice and courage.  Beauty is wisdom and perseverance.  Beauty is Godly character and Godly character will often shine through our physical body regardless of weight.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve known women and men who I thought were attractive.  And over time as I get to know them, and their character is so sour that I don’t even like how they look any more.  And at the same time people who maybe the world thinks aren’t attractive, I get to know them, and their smiles and their light just make them more and more lovely every day.

I hope you are encouraged and I hope you find people to help remind you of your real worth and encourage you towards true beauty.  Find your worth in Christ and as you do so let His true beauty shine through you.

Jason ChaoComment