Does God have a unique plan for everyone? Or just to believe in Jesus? As long as we’re being decent Christians are we fulfilling God’s plans for us?

Yes and no.  haha.  Yes God’s will is for all to believe in Jesus.  And Yes God leads and guides us in our lives and in all aspects of our lives including career and occupation.  However that doesn’t mean there’s one set path which if you miss out you’re totally outside of God’s plan. 

Take Joseph for example. Was his being sold into slavery God’s will?  No, Joseph tells his brothers that they meant it for evil.  But God has a plan despite it and even uses it.  Or Moses killing the Egyptian.  Same thing.  David with Bathsheba.  Same thing.

So God has a plan doesn’t mean that there’s one “correct” path that we are somehow fumbling to find and probably missing.  God has a plan means that no matter where we are or what has happened to us or what we have done, God is still willing and able to lead and guide us towards a life full of His Gospel and power and presence.

So in regards to career and talent, it’s not like there is necessarily that one perfect job out there for you.  But that God has blessed you with a certain amount of talent and skill and character and opportunity and that you journey together in where God will lead you and what He will do with you.  So to fulfill God’s plan is not about some destination that you must reach, but it is about the journey which you take now into all eternity.

In that way I wonder if there is such a thing as a “decent” Christian.  If you mean it in terms a good natured person then yes that’s a part of God’s will.  But if you mean it in terms of moderately passionate then no.  There’s no “oh God is in my life, but not in my job”.  Your job is part of your life.  God wants to be in it too.  And there’s no such thing as a job or career where your faith is not a part of. Your character and your witness in any job is important.  The integrity with which a pencil pusher pushes pencils and the people he/she pushes them with are all cared for by God. 

Jason ChaoComment