Can religion and science coexist?

Of course.  In fact they ought to coexist.  We forget that science is merely the exploration of HOW creation works.  Religion is primarily occupied with WHY creation exists.  Those two are not at inherently at odds.

So science is the evidence which can be used to point to different theories.  Religion is the theory which informs how we see the evidence. 

In fact for much of human history, science flourished most under religion. After all, if we believe that there is an intelligent creator behind it all, then we are given confidence in our pursuit of understanding how creation works. 

In recent times, science has not become divorced from religion, but instead I would say that a religion has sprouted up around science.  We must remember that Atheism is not the lack of a religion but a religion itself.  In fact in many scientific literature, podcasts, and reporting I am often bemused by how religious the language they use is.  “___________ made this animal this way because then it would thrive in this environment.”  “___________ has worked in this wonderful way over time.”  “________ can explain where we’ve come from and where we’re going and why we’re here.”  In each of those blanks feel free to put the word “God” or “evolution”. 

We must not think that science is against God.  God is the God of all wisdom and knowledge and the God behind all creation.  Science is our exploration of that creation.  

Jason Chao