Prayer Tools

Many times, we as Christians may find ourselves WANTING to pray, but not knowing how. Our encouragement is that if we are sinners then communicating with God is unnatural. So often we may want to do it more, but we simply lack the tools. The sacrifice of Jesus allows us to talk with God, but the process of sanctification means that we often need to grow in the skill of HOW to pray. The following are tools that can help someone who wants to pray more learn how.


Small Group Prayer Tools

The following are tools that can help you pray within your small groups. Includes:

  1. The Category Tree

  2. Pray-Texting for Others

  3. Praying through Song

  4. The Holy Spirit Chair


How to pray for others

The following are tools which can help you pray for others. Part of our ministry encourages people to pray for others. We hope these will help you do so.