The following is the application for financial aid for the 2019 Winter Retreat, “in Jesus” for grades 7-12.

Due by December 9th, 2018.

If you apply for financial aid by this deadline you will not pay more than the regular rate ($195) even if the regular deadline passes.

DUE TO THIS RETREAT BEING AT AN OUTSIDE FACILITY, there is not as much financial aid available as in past retreats at ANCHOR. Please be advised if you have applied in the past that you will most likely not receive a similar amount.

After you submit this form a SED summit member will contact your parent by email and/or phone to verify your request for financial aid. After which you may be granted a certain amount of financial aid (could be more or less than you requested). At that point, we will contact you and you can turn in your registration fee and forms to a Pastor, Deacon, or intern.

Why are we doing it this way?

1) We want to make sure that money we have allocated to help students in financial need is being wisely used.

2) We want to help to support not only the students who are in need, but their parents and families.

3) We want to make sure that we have an accurate record of who received financial aid

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