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When you register you will be asked to select a track to help lead small groups in. Your small groups and your track groups will be the same groups.

Track 1: Jesus in my life (Suggested Grades: 7th-8th)
- What does it mean to have faith in and walk with Jesus? In this track, we will learn about and discuss the starting point of our faithing journey and spiritual disciplines that help us faithfully follow Jesus.

Track 2: Jesus in our creativity (Suggested Grades: All)
- Are only some people creative or are we all creative? In this track, we will see what it means to be creative and how our vulnerability in creativity can lead to passionately worshipping God.

Track 3: Jesus in our praise (Suggested Grades: All)
- Do you want to be a passionate worshipper both in congregational and personal worship? In this track, we will hear about and discuss how we can genuinely praise God and personally engage with God in prayer.

Track 4: Jesus in the world (Suggested Grades: 9th-12th)
- Is the Gospel relevant in the areas of politics and race? In this track, we will look at how we can approach politics and race through the lens of the Gospel.

Track 5: Jesus in the Bible Suggested Grades: 9th-12th)
- What is the Bible and how can we read the Bible in a way that makes sense? In this track, we will learn why we can have confidence in the Bible and how we can read and engage with the Bible in a life-transformative way.

Track 6: Jesus in mental health (Suggested Grades: 10th-12th)
- Have you or do you know someone who is struggling with mental health issues? In this track, we will learn about mental health problems, and specifically depression, and see how the Gospel offers both hope and practice steps.


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