Help Pastor Jason


Pastor Jason is a filmmaker

And for 2019 he wants to make a series of films that talk about Asian-American church experiences. Currently he is collecting stories on three different topics and would like to hear stories from you if you have stories within these experiences. I would love to hear some of your stories in order to match a film that can resonate with other people. Please answer with as much vivid memories and details as you can.

Please understand that your stories may be represented in some way in a finished film that will be shared with church and online. Do not include anything that you would not want to see in such form.


Looking for stories from Asian-american church-going teenagers and young adults (Ages 15-35) who have experience cutting. If you are currently experiencing cutting please seek help and if you would like to talk I am available. If you have experienced in the past and have also begun a healing process I would like to know a bit about your story in order to help craft a meaningful short film that may help others.


Looking for stories about Asian-american church-going young people (ages 10-25) who have or are currently vaping.


Looking for stories about Asian-American middle aged church-going people (ages 35-55) about their relationships with their first generation fathers.