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Truth Matters Conference: A Fearless Faith

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The Truth Matters Conference is about bringing the truth of the Christian Gospel to light. We’ve designed the conference to help young people think about the credibility of the Christian faith and to train them to make a gracious defense of the Gospel. Jesus says in John 18:37, “For this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world—to bear witness to the truth.  Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.”  The truth mattered to Christ because he said of himself that he was “the way, the truth, and the life”. We live in an age that needs convicted men and women, driven by grace and truth, to be a witness to the world around us.  Through our actions, our conversations, our prayers, and our worship, we desire to see a movement of the glorious gospel in our city.

For this Fall conference, we are partnering up with the ministry of Dr. Frank Turek, founder of  Here’s their take on the need for a Fearless Faith:

“Dad, I don’t believe in God anymore.” Those are the words of a former Church youth group leader to her father after only four weeks of classes at UNC Chapel Hill.  This is not an exception but the norm: 75% of Christian youth walk away from the church when they go to college. And most Christian adults are afraid to talk about Christ because they don’t know how to answer objections to their faith.

The Christian faith is being strongly challenged from nearly every segment of society, from the college classroom to the corporate boardroom. In fact, college professors are five times more likely to be atheists than the general public, and more than half of professors have unfavorable feelings toward Evangelical Christians. Add to this, a barrage of “sensitivity training,” politically correct indoctrination and peer pressure both at school and in the workplace, and we have a perfect storm, toxic to faith.  Unfortunately, most students and adults go into that hostile environment unarmed and unprepared.  That’s why the Fearless Faith Seminar is essential!

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On Friday
We will meet at church at 5:30pm. Please eat dinner yourself before hand.
We will be back at church by about 10:30pm

On Saturday
We will meet at church at 8:15am. Please eat breakfast yourself before hand.
We will be back at church by about 3:00pm

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