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Dear Mom and/or Dad

“I don’t speak Korean”

At ANC, the cultural divide between our parents and our children has been vast.  The differences span beyond language, reaching into traditions, attitudes, expectations, culture and ethics.  The effects of these differences are apparent in every family. The pastors in our ministries recognize that if real life change is going to happen in our students’ lives, then Jesus needs to be healing the relationships in many of our families. This project aims to provide an opportunity to bridge the cultural divide and start much needed communication by giving students an opportunity to express how they truly feel and to hear the often misunderstood voices that are silently shouting from the other side.

Why the strange title?

We realize that today’s modern families are not what many think of as “normal”. Divorce, abandonment, and death are just a few of the ways that sin our world has caused the deterioration of our families.  Many of our students live with only one parent or in situations where they cannot write “dear mom and dad”. Additionally there are different problems and hurts that our students feel from different members of their family. Thankfully Jesus knows this and loves us all the same.  ANC recognizes this and therefore our project is “dead mom and/or dad”


We wanted our students to be able to express themselves openly and honestly.  Our desire was for the parents of our ministry to get a better understanding of how their children really feel and what they are really thinking.  Therefore we offered the veil of anonymity to all contributors and also omitted or edited any specific references.  Also many of the letters were sent in anonymously and therefore even the pastors do not know who sent them.

Opening dialogue

This project is meant to be an ongoing communication between our parents and our children in the efforts that Jesus will be able to redeem and transform our families.  Our hope is that these letters may kick start an honest and humble discussion between you and your children. We welcome all parents to get involved in our education and family ministries. 


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