Daily Bible Reading

We at ANC would love to help you and your family grow closer together in the word.  One way that you can is to follow along with Pastor Jason and his wife, Hannah's, bible reading podcast.  Each week is a new theme with select passages that go through the Bible so it's easy to join in and you don't have to feel guilty if you miss a few days.  There's a podcast that goes along with it that includes about 5 minutes of explanation for each day. You can listen with your family, read the passage together, share and pray in all under 20 minutes. 

This week: 

April 30-May 5
Theme: Walls

Monday - Joshua 6 (The Walls of Jericho)
Tuesday - Lamentations 2 (The Fall of Jerusalem’s Walls)
Wednesday - Nehemiah 4 & 6 (Rebuilding the Walls)
Thursday - Zechariah 2 (Measuring the Walls)
Friday - Ephesians 2 (The Dividing Wall)
Saturday - Revelation 21 (The Walls of Heaven)

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